About the Author

Well, hello! Barbara Burt here. When I started this blog, I lived in downtown Minneapolis in what’s known as the Mill District. Since then, I moved to St. Paul for about 18 months, and now I’m back in small town Maine, where I lived (and wrote) before moving to the Twin Cities in 2011.

In 2015, I finished my first novel, a mystery entitled DISSONANCE. Set at a fictitious summer music festival in Maine, the novel explores the conflict between a nonprofit arts board and its musicians, wealthy summer people and locals, a besotted suitor and the former girlfriend he betrayed, and a young woman’s faith in her own detective skills and the obvious fact that someone close to her committed a heinous crime. While in the process of finding an agent, I’ve started a sequel, tentatively called CUT TIME. (If you’d like to read DISSONANCE electronically, send me a message and I’ll email you a PDF copy.)

I enjoy helping other writers find their most compelling voices. A particular pleasure is working on personal essays with high school writers—to help them figure out how to begin and then help them organize their writing to make it as forceful and striking as possible.

You can learn a lot about me by reading the nonfiction on this website, but all the fiction herein is wholly imagined–even if it reminds you of someone. Really.

And for more info, check out my profile at Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance: http://find.mainewriters.org/writers/barbara_s_burt.

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