Longer Works

These are book-length and/or published longer pieces. They are available elsewhere or by request.

Colonial Life: The Adventures of Benjamin Wilcox (National Geographic, 2002. ISBN 0-7922-8678-2) Part of a series called “Voices from America’s Past,” this is an illustrated fictional account of a young boy’s life during 1769-1770, told in letters and journal entries.

Gifts to Make and A Gift to Share (Steck-Vaughn Company, 1998). From a series called “Pair-It Books” that provide beginning readers with fiction and nonfiction on their favorite topics.

Burn Each Page (unpublished). Young adult novel honored with the PEN-New England Discovery Award in 2002.

Acknowledgments to A Promise to All Generations: Stories & Essays about Social Security and Frances Perkins edited by Christopher Breiseth and Kirsten Downey (Frances Perkins Center, 2011).

Chapter 9, “Chameleon Writers?: Narrative Styles in Written Story Books” of Chameleon Readers: Teaching Children to Appreciate All Kinds of Good Stories by Allyssa McCabe (McGraw Hill, 1996. ISBN 0-07-045016-1).

Dissonance (2015, unpublished). First in a series of mystery novels set in Maine and centered on music. Set at a fictitious summer music festival in Maine, the novel explores the conflict between a nonprofit arts board and its musicians, wealthy summer people and locals, a besotted suitor and the former girlfriend he betrayed, and a young woman’s faith in her own detective skills and the obvious fact that someone close to her committed a heinous crime. While in the process of finding an agent, I’ve started a sequel, tentatively called CUT TIME. (If you’d like to read DISSONANCE electronically, send me a message and I’ll email you a PDF copy.)